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Whether you play on an electric or an acoustic guitar, it’s important to understand how the instrument is constructed. The strings vibrate to create sound, while the body resonates the sound.

The strings run between the head of the guitar where they are stuck on the tuning pegs, which can be rotated to tighten or loosen them, and the chair where they are set to the guitar body. On an acoustic guitar sitting stone nuisance on the chair with removable pegs, and on an electric guitar strings are usually pulled through an eyelet.

The neck of the guitar is the long piece of wood, flat on one side (this is called the fingerboard) and rounded on the other. Fretboard is inlaid with metal bands that mark the different tones.

An acoustic guitar will have a ‘hole’ in the body while the electric guitar will have three magnetic pickups, which will channel the sound through an amplifier.

Hold The Guitar Properly

Before you start to jam like Hendrix, you should learn how to hold the guitar properly. If you are right handed, you need to grasp the strings on the neck with your left hand while playing on the strings – about halfway between the sound hole and chair – with your right hand.

When you play on your guitar, you should sit right on a good chair. Hold the back of the guitar, so it touches your stomach and your chest, and so it rests on your right leg (if you are right handed).

The guitar is held mainly with your legs, while the left hand is used to stabilize the neck and grip the strands.

Keep the neck in the space between your thumb and your index finger. You should easily be able to move your left hand up and down the neck.

While you hold the guitar properly, it will certainly feel a little uncomfortable at first. Do not despair if your shoulder hurts, or if you get blisters on your fingers. You’ll soon get used to it.

Begin With An Epic Guitar Backing Track in B Minor


Epic Guitar Backing Track in B Minor

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