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Hey there! Welcome and thanks for visiting my website here at GodinGuitars.org where my mission is to help you learn how to play guitar with help from the best online guitar lessons online. I have gathered the best guitar courses where you will get access to professional teachers who have been featured on popular websites such as Ultimate Tabs.

Before reading any further I would recommend that you read up on this Guitar Wikipedia page. Here at GodinGuitars.org I will be showing you exactly how you can maximize your skills when it comes to playing the guitar.


The site is currently under construction, however if you are looking into mastering the guitar you will be able to pick and choose between thousands of online lessons including reading more about guitar backing tracks in a section here on the website.

If you are looking for different types of guitars styles you can learn from, you will be able to find these on this website as well. The types of guitar styles we will be covering include:

I guarantee that this will be the first online guitar training ever that will truly allow you to explode your shredding skills and techniques.

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